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la nuit détaille mon corps en braille.

j'oublie ton visage et je te perds dans l'univers.

Iron Man★
7 July
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kato elizabeth

I'm a dorky girl that likes some awesome people.
I can't promise you'll like me or I'll keep your attention,
but I can always try.
I have some friends and I have some...people that don't like me too much.
Lying is a waste of time. I'm an open person, if you want to know, ask.
I'm not an artist, I just take some pictures and draw some people.
I wish I could find someone who gives me goosebumps.
I used to have a best friend, not sure what happened with that.
I would do anything for a girl, and she can't even see that.
I miss running at five AM and dyeing my hair.
I don't know who I am,
if you could tell me, that'd be awesome.
My mood is in direct correlation with my music.
Sometimes I manage to be clever.
Fresh to Death.
That wasn't one of those clever times.
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whether it's your eyes in the dark, or your hair in the moonlight -
all i can see is stars and all i can feel is your heartbeat .